Setbacks and last minute preparations

Loading the trailer (Photo by Bridget Tincher)

Less than two weeks before our launch date, three of our crew had to cancel due to medical issues. Now we were down to 13. Those included:

Robert, Chris and Aaron Anderson, Bridget Tincher, Tom Connelly, Heath Henson, Susan Sharp, Nancy Ward, Adam Wood, Jess Parks, Pete Boyd, Tom Ziola and Rob Fredericks.

Many in the group would be leaving from West Virginia on March 7th. Others would be flying in to meet us in Flagstaff on the 12th.

A week before the trip, the transmission went out in Tom’s truck. Fortunately, Heath had a truck that could pull the trailer. We loaded up the trailer on the 6th. It looked a bit overloaded to me. The next morning they decided that the suspension was broken and had to transfer all the gear to another trailer. (Thanks again Heath.)

Finally we were ready to go, mid morning on the 7th. Chris and I had decided to pull our A-frame popup camper.