Chris got a new boat

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We got a new Fluid Do-it-now for Chris. It is a size medium. Took it for a maiden voyage on the Upper New River on the Glade Creek to Grandview Sandbar section. We were joined by Chuck and Nancy Brabec and Dan Waller. It was a gorgeous day. The water was warm but a bit low, about 2 1/2 feet on the Thurmond gauge. We had a head wind most of the trip.

The boat performed well. Chris was able to keep up much better than with a ducky. She did find a hidden rock and had a brief but uneventful swim at Quinnimont rapid.

Photos are posted in the Paddling gallery.


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Drone video from the confluence of the Salmon and Snake Rivers.

We rafted the Snake River from the Hells Canyon Dam to Heller Bar. We camped below the confluence with the Salmon for a couple of days.